“How’s Your Lent Going?”

Can you believe that it’s Holy Week…. yikes Lent has raced by.  

To be honest,  I’m not “jumping up and down” about my Lent……”Best Lent Ever”??? …gee, I don’t think so. Yet, we are not always the best judge of our own spiritual  condition, and we shouldn’t be too quick to apply a grade to our Lent. 

Well, the good news is that regardless of how our Lent is going up until now, we can still have a successful Lent. We have Holy Week before us and we have a great chance to place ourselves at the feet of the Lord and ask him to help us. It’s not bad to simply say, “Lord, I’m not doing so well… will you help me?” There are some excellent opportunities this week… a lot of grace is available. Let’s simply be honest with ourselves and with the Lord. 

Let’s consider the following: 

  • Examine your conscience and make a good confession…. Confession is a great sacrament, like taking a dirty car thru the carwash… wow, you feel clean and shiny as you exit the confessional.
  • Attend the wonderful services at church, from daily mass, to the Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday service… the stations of the Cross, and of course Easter Mass. Do what you can… don’t get “bummed out” if you can’t make everything, but give it a solid try.
  • Do one kind act of charity … not 100 acts, just one. Ask the Lord what the one act is…perhaps it is giving alms to a person in need, being especially nice to your spouse or children or grandchildren or neighbor.

Okay, let’s not get too complicated. Let’s mainly ask the Lord Jesus to help us. Jesus help me to use this next week to grow in holiness. Get me ready for Easter. Amen.

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