“ Tough Love ”

We hear the term “tough love” and often think it’s a good thing when applied to someone else…” boy that youngster could use a little bit of tough love…straighten him. out a bit…bla,bla,bla. ”. It’s amazing how things seem different when applied to someone else than when applied to me. “Oh Joe is having some minor surgery (a heart transplant) …. while I’m having major surgery (a cavity filled).” Well regardless of all that, Christ gives us the kind of “treatment” we need…sometimes a “baby aspirin” and sometimes a “heart transplant”. 

I read a commentary by Bishop Barron the other day on Jesus turning over the tables of the money changers in the temple… a pretty serious “major surgery” for those particular patients…. no funny business… no bedside manner…it’s time to shape up or ship out.

He concludes his thoughts with “could we use this Lent as an invitation to ask Jesus into our heart and mind, our private life, our public life, our relationships…. and could we give him free reign to tear up, to knock down, to turn over.” 

Hmmm, getting a little close to home. I don’t mind a little band aid, but I’m not so sure about this. He goes on to say, “ Will he make things uncomfortable? Will he prove a little embarrassing for us? Will he compel us to make some hard decisions and some real changes? Yes to all three and all for the good”. (Bishop Robert Barron, Magnificat, March 7, 2021)

I think often we are unwilling to ask for some major surgery unless we are “fed up” with our current situation…frustration and pain can force us to finally say yes to the treatment that’s needed. Okay, Jesus do whatever needs to be done ….. I know it’s for my own good…I know you love me. 

Several years ago I was experiencing repeated  attacks of diverticulitis and would often end up in the hospital. The proposed treatment was either major colon surgery or a major change to my diet. I was “fed up with the situation” and jumped into a radical new vegetarian diet. Mr. “Meat & Potatoes” became “Mr. Quinoa”. I was happy to try anything to get rid of the problem. And it worked.

So, may we really give free reign to the Lord and his precise and caring treatment. Yes it may have some painful side effects, but the result will be healing and happiness…. now and forever.  And that is very good news.

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