“Becoming A Snow Tire”

Originally Posted July 9, 2020

The other day as my mind wandered, I thought “ if I was an animal, being a hawk would be one of my top choices. Soaring in the clouds all day, occasionally popping down for a quick meal and then taking a nap before my next flight. They have great 20:2 vision…. or 8 times better than humans. They are generally the “toughest guy on the block”. Hawks are considered the most intelligent of birds. …. although I guess they still have “bird brains”. I also thought being a worm would be at the bottom of my list, followed by being a slug, or a snow tire. Many years ago, it was a very cold snowy day and I was watching the cars crunching thru the ice…icy slush. I thought I would really not like to be a snow tire.

Some religions (eg. Buddhism) believe in reincarnation… the rebirth of the soul in a new body or life form.  I read that “Tibetan Buddhism stresses to die with a peaceful mind will stimulate a virtuous seed and a fortunate rebirth; a disturbed mind will stimulate a non-virtuous seed and an unfortunate rebirth.” I guess with that as a backdrop, if you are having a really lousy life, you could come back as a snow tire…. or a worm.

Wow, where is this BLOG going? A couple of thoughts. First it’s time for this pandemic to end so we can get back to a more normal life and stop thinking of becoming a snow tire. Second, I’m really happy that I know the Lord Jesus. I’m so happy that God became man and died on the cross for our sins. I’m so glad that he’s preparing a place for us in heaven. I’m so glad we live on this beautiful earth, despite all the problems we face. I’m so glad we have family and friends. We are so blessed, despite the challenges. And I’m happy that when I die, I don’t have to come back to earth as a snow tire…but will be with the Lord in heaven where there’s no more tears or sorrow or pain or suffering…where we will be with the Lord and our loved ones and where every new moment will be better than the last. Now we’re talking !

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