“All Will be Well”

Sometimes I find it helpful to talk out loud to myself…. “Hey Dave, listen up…. do you know that you didn’t finish those cookies …I hear them calling your name…really… I think I hear them too.”  If someone walks in while I’m talking to myself, they may think I’m a bit “nuts” .…. hmmmmmm.  While I can balance many thoughts in my head at once, I can only speak one thought at a time. So, it can help me focus.  “Dave, am I making any sense… why yes you are Dave, that’s a brilliant thought… thank you…. you’re welcome.”

“Truth Sets Us Free”

While speaking  my thoughts out loud can be good, it’s even better when I speak God’s word out loud. Today’s Psalm was from Psalm 103…. “ for he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust” (Ps. 103:14).  I can easily forget that particular truth and even think that the Lord has forgotten it. I may think he expects me to be perfect. Yet, when I say this Psalm out loud, it grabs my attention. I find it very freeing. The Lord is not surprised when I act imperfectly, when my weakness and limitations are exposed, when I do something poorly. He know me through and through. He even allows my weakness to be exposed. I believe he does this for my sake; he already knows, but he wants me to know. He wants me to know so that I can go to him for help…go and ask forgiveness of my sins and ask for help. He will always help me. He will forgive me.

Many, many things need to be fixed. There is so much dysfunction in the world…in families, in business, in culture, in politics, even in the church. So much needs to be fixed. Yet, we just can’t fix it. We have a part to play…we can do something… but we can’t fix all of this. It’s too big, it’s too much….”our frame is too weak…we are dust”. We need a big God to fix it. But, it’s okay, God can handle it all. 

Say it out loud. Speak it out loud. Speak the truth out loud….

Jesus, you are the Lord of all…you took care of all our sins on the cross…. You love us even though we are “dust”. Lord, no problem, no sorrow is too much for you… you conquered sin and Satan and death. Our hope is in you Lord. You can fix it all. All will be well with my soul”.

Boy, I feel better. The truth really does set us free. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Thank God he is God… all powerful and he loves us.

4 thoughts on ““All Will be Well”

  1. Thank you for reminding us that we’re human and humans are running the Church and running our country. God is the author of all human life, the Creator of the universe. He’s got it all under control and we have to surrender over and over to keep us from worry and fear💒


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