“Time To Take A Break”

It’s 3:30pm on Monday, February 1st. The snow began last night and by the morning we were in the midst of a legitimate “Blizzard”… it’s been snowing all day and we probably have about a foot and a half… it’s not suppose to end until tomorrow noon. So, this could conceivably be my last BLOG. I can see the headlines now…”Famous BLOGG-er” buried in historical snowfall….. unable to get out to Burger King, he passed away from starvation…. giving his last crumb of bread to his beloved wife.” 

NJ Blizzard

But, it really is a Blizzard… beautiful and powerful. Only a fool would go out in this kind of weather unless it’s an emergency. Well, my wife decided we needed to walk up to our daughter’s home…if not an emergency, at least extremely important…she had arranged to play “Hollywood Rummy” with the grandkids. We bundled up, I helped shovel to get us out, it was touch and go…for a bit I thought we may not make it…Judy began saying an “Act of Contrition’ when we stumbled thru the door. I began to explain the difficulties we endured, the hardship, using every bit of energy we had to make it. Just when I thought everyone was suitably impressed , I looked over and there was our youngest daughter with her new 1 month old baby who had walked the same trek…..hmmmmmm. 

“Looking Out Our Back Door”

Okay, so is there a point to this BLOG ? Well, I guess it’s that we can all use an unexpected distraction at times, like a Blizzard. Even if forecasted, it’s still unplanned. I enjoy getting up and looking out the window at the beautiful snow, covering everything. Normal life tends to stop. Appointments and plans are cancelled. Neighbors are outside shoveling, the plows come up the street, we have a nice breakfast…. a waffle and good cup of coffee from our son & family who live next door, some prayer, the Hollywood Rummy game. I don’t even feel guilty ignoring my “to-do” list…. time stops ….take a deep breath. I haven’t watched any NEWS….maybe even evil has taken a break. Perhaps the Lord knew we needed to catch our breath. 

As we’re reminded, ” in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) So even a Blizzard can bring some good to the world. 

4 thoughts on ““Time To Take A Break”

  1. The Lord says “ALL things work together for good…”
    He didn’t say some. He said ALL. We have to keep our eyes open to see it.


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