“Encouraging Angel”

I recall driving home from Kentucky to New Jersey ( some 35 years ago) after celebrating Judy’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. While it had been a wonderful trip, we were all pretty shot…… a long drive with a lot of kids in the van… a lot of noise, and if you can believe it, some complaining ….. ”can we have another cookie, I want to go swimming, I have to go to the bathroom, my fanny’s sore …. and that was from Judy and me….you should have heard the kids. 

From Your Encouraging Angel

Well, in the midst of a long stretch a little note was handed up to me. It was a note telling me I was doing a good job, keep it up…. signed the “Encouraging Angel”. Wow, that was very nice and I thanked the anonymous “encouraging angel”. After another long stretch, I received another note …” keep it up, you can do it, don’t quit now” ….. yes it was from the “encouraging angel”. Well this continued on for a good chunk of the trip. When I was starting to feel a little desperate, up would come another note…” God sees your hard work, you’re really a good driver, we appreciate your love” …. signed, the “encouraging angel”. 

Judy and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2019 and the “encouraging angel” just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary along with her husband and 8 children. I still remember those notes. It really meant something to me…it helped keep me going when I was getting a bit fried.

Encouragement is very important… we all need to be encouraged. Even Jesus experienced encouragement from his Father while on his earthy pilgrimage…. “this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”. 

Encouragement gives us courage. We need courage to continue on. We need to be reminded that we’re doing well and that we can finish the race… don’t quit. I have a number of friends who have passed away over the last few years and they needed encouragement thru some of their “last battles”. They needed their friends and family to pray for them and help them and speak the truth to them. They needed the encouragement of the church with the beautiful and powerful sacraments of Penance, Anointing of the Sick, and the Eucharist. They also had the saints with them, their guardian angel, the Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, Patron of the Dying, and of course the Lord Jesus himself…. all encouraging them

So, let’s be an “encouraging angel” for our loved ones. Let’s ask God to give us insights into how to encourage them….perhaps a prayer, a card or present, or a little note. 

And to my “encouraging angel” of some 35 years ago, “you’re doing a good job, you can do it, don’t quit”…… love “your encouraging angel”.

4 thoughts on ““Encouraging Angel”

  1. Great post! and she continues to be “The Encouraging Angle” Although I think she may have graduated to The Encouraging Saint.


  2. When we encourage others, we learn from them, we walk with them thru the storms of life. God often uses our children to encourage us, not only in words but in actions😊🙌🏻


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