“January Doldrums”

Wow can you believe it ? The Christmas season is over and we’re back to Ordinary Time.  I really hate to take our Christmas tree down. Gee, maybe we’ll leave it up for awhile….maybe till Easter or the 4th of July ?!?!?

To be honest, I find it a bit dreary after Christmas. I remember years ago giving a talk at a Men’s Breakfast on the “January Doldrums”. It basically focused on the fact that the Christmas season was over…the bright lights were being taken down, the credit card bills from overspending on presents were coming due, the weather was dreary, auuuuuugghhh…. the proverbial January Doldrums. 

The solution “now as then” is the same. Christ is the solution! Christ is always the solution…he is the answer to every problem. In light of eternity, all will be well with my soul…. no January doldrum, no covid19, no political craziness, not even my sins,  “no nothing”…. can hinder the Lord from helping me. But we do have a role to play….. for our part we need to follow his direction. We need to do what he says to do. He tells us  “don’t worry, don’t be anxious ….forgive one another…don’t hold grudges….pray for your enemies….think about what is true and pure and hopeful….. In a nutshell, “love God with all you have, and your neighbor as yourself.”

So for my part, I need to “practice what I preach”. It’s one thing to blab away in my BLOG and make a “to do list”, but it’s another thing to actually do what’s on the list. My mother used to say, “you and those lists…. study chemistry for an hour, clean up your room….. and where are you…you’re in watching the “Stooges” on TV.” Hmmmmm, they’re is  some truth to that, but I’m counting on the Lord to help me. 

So, despite some false starts in the past, let’s make a fresh start and really do what the Lord tells us to do. We can do it. Let’s not allow the latest news to bring us down.  Let’s count on the Lord to help us. He will !!! 

And let’s remember to smile,  and maybe even dance around a bit,  and sing a song. Sure some people may think you’re crazy, but that’s okay….. I may be a bit crazy, but I love the Lord ….. and he loves us all, even if we are a bit crazy. 

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