“A Nice Day For A Rest”

It’s a beautiful sunny day…a bit nippy, but very refreshing. I love to look at the winter sky…every day has a different beauty… the clouds are different, the colors are beautiful, but perhaps a bit more muted. 

Beautiful Winter Sky

In a few minutes I’m going to take a walk with my wife Judy. We bundle up pretty good… coat , gloves, earmuffs, scarf, and a hat. I look a bit like the “abominable snowman or maybe the Pillsbury Doughboy” …. if someone pushed me over, I may not be able to get up.  Anyway, we brave the wind and say the Rosary and Mercy Chaplet together. I need to get refreshed…recharged… clear my head. The walk and prayer get my blood moving.

It’s Christmas week and we’re taking it easy. We still have our routine going (mass, prayer, BLOG…), but we’re spending more time with our family… a meal together, a brief visit and gift exchange, phone calls, a busier “whatsapp” (our family news app). Last night we had dinner with one of our daughters and her family. This morning we visited a bit with our newest grandchild and held her for the first time…she is very cute and has a very round head. We have our grandson coming over tonight for a meal and cards. Tomorrow morning, we’re going to have breakfast with one of our godsons who we haven’t seen for awhile…. and we have some more things planned. As I review our schedule, I realize it’s pretty full …. maybe we’re not taking it “so easy” after all….. hmmmmm.

Well, there’s not a lot of “meat & potatoes” in today’s BLOG…it’s just kind of a peaceful day. I’m hanging out for a bit, waiting for the next moment. I think I may take a nap later. I wonder if Jesus ever had a chance to just “take a break”? Did Jesus ever take a nap? I hope he did.

So, Merry Christmas. Let’s continue to thank our wonderful God for all the many blessings he bestows on us, including the occasional restful day, maybe even with a nice nap.

4 thoughts on ““A Nice Day For A Rest”

  1. After mass and prayer, our daily walk is our highlight🙌🏻 We are so blessed to be able to go out for a walk and we still have each other🙌🏻


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