“The Moon Is Beautiful, But….”

If the Sun suddenly went out, we’d find ourselves in complete darkness. We’d also notice the Moon and planets suddenly disappear, because their light is simply the  sunlight reflecting off of it. So, while we can enjoy a beautiful “Harvest Moon”…. remember, the moon is  not the source of its own beauty. 

Beautiful Harvest Moon

A messenger of God is like the moon… beautiful, but really a reflected beauty. Any great insight we may receive is ultimately from God…the messenger isn’t the source of the insight and truth, and is not the message. 

Nevertheless, thank God for the messenger, for the reflector of the light. The clearer and more polished the “mirror or reflector”, the easier it is to see the message. The saints were excellent messengers of God’s truth as they became more like the Lord in holiness. Certainly Gabriel was a perfect reflector of God’s message to Mary and to Joseph. Part of the beauty of the holy messenger is that they don’t distract or distort the message in any way, ie.  people don’t begin to focus on the messenger and miss the message. 

As we come into the great season of Christmas, let’s pray to not get distracted from the message. Let’s especially not get distracted by things that are not from God.  Let’s not allow the lights and the presents and the covid attacks and politics, and relationship challenges distract us from the message.

Let’s stay focused on the message of Christmas…. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

No matter what else happens during this blessed season, the basic message remains… “the Good News remains the Good News”. Let’s pray every day and thank God that he came to earth so that one day we could go to heaven. 

4 thoughts on ““The Moon Is Beautiful, But….”

  1. This is really timely. There are so many ways this year doesn’t “feel” like Christmas but holding onto the truth and the real message. I def don’t like to talk about the cross this time of year but it is so present. And embracing it will only add to the glory of Christmas.

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  2. Thanks Dave for a great reminder of who He is and who we are meant to be! Reflectors of His glory!
    May you have a blessed and a merry Christmas with the Lord and with the family!


  3. Thanks Brother for helping us keep our eyes fixed on the One who makes our purposes in this life joyful, tangible and practical–Jesus our Savior! I am going to have a talk with Him now, before I get too distracted.


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