“ Finish Strong ”

Sometimes I can say to myself, “gee, does God have anything left for me to do…is he finished with me… am I over the hill? A good friend recently said “if I didn’t wake up today, would anyone notice?” Yikes !!!!!  While these types of thoughts can hit us at any time, they seem to pop up more when we’re going through a transition or a crisis in our life…. maybe when changing jobs or becoming empty nesters or at the death of a spouse or close friend. 

At these times in our lives we can be tempted to think that we don’t have much importance; if I wasn’t here would anyone notice? Well, when we bring these thoughts “into the light” and talk them through with someone, we can generally see that they are not true. God still has a lot for us to do. 

I just read a beautiful quote from St. John Henry Newman that spoke to this issue. He said, God has created me to do some definite service; he has committed some work to me which he has not committed to another. Somehow, I am necessary for his purposes… I have a part in this great work.” (St. John Henry Newman)

There’s real power is this statement; it strikes something deep within my soul. I do believe that God has work for each of us to do, right down to the last breath. I find that exciting and motivating. Maybe God has been preparing you and me over our entire life for these next years…maybe it’s the service “he has assigned to me and not to any other person” that is approaching. We need to be alert and ready. 

There are quite a few people who accomplished significant things later in life. 

  • Mother Teresa was 40 when she established the “Missionaries of Charity”.  
  • Benjamin Franklin was 70 when he signed the Declaration of Independence
  • When almost 76, Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa.
  • Grandma Moses didn’t begin to paint until the age of 76.
  • And can you believe Dave Touhill began the famous “BLOG” at the age of 73.

So, whether we’re young or old, God has a mission for each of us. Let’s open our eyes and ask the Lord to show us what it is. It’s not time to quit. God is counting on us to be alert and ready…it’s important. We probably won’t become famous and maybe very few will know about it….but, the Lord himself will know and that’s all that really counts. Let’s especially be ready to tell others about the great love that Jesus Christ has for every single person on this earth…. there’s no greater service than that. So, let’s finish strong !!!

4 thoughts on ““ Finish Strong ”

  1. I just mailed a letter to a cousin in Kansas who lost his wife (age 80 yrs.) in an automobile accident. He’s questioning why should he live anymore. I shared similar thoughts that he still has purposes in life. Go talk to a friend to help identify what those are, even while he is grieving. Great topic Dave!


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