“In Case You’re Thinking Of Complaining”

Originally Posted June 12, 2020

If you want to stop your complaining, you need to spend time with people who don’t complain. This morning I met with a group of friends. We met outside, with proper social distancing, to discuss how we’re doing. I have known these men for many years. We meet to share our life in Christ. After each one shares, we pray for him and any specific needs he may have. Ages range from a few in their mid 70’s to several in their early-mid 80’s, to one in his 90’s. They are great men. 

Each has a wonderful sense of humor. For your encouragement, let me mention just a couple of things. 

  • One is celebrating his 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow and is taking care of his beautiful wife who has had many physical ailments over recent years. He does this while also fighting a number of serious ailments himself. He always has a twinkle in his eyes.
  • Another is a terrific man who constantly serves other people with a wonderful sense of humor; a  former teacher and brilliant researcher, he is friend to young and old…. A recent widower of three years, he misses his wife terribly, yet keeps “fighting the good fight of faith”.
  • The next man is in his mid 70’s..one of the spring chickens. He is still working full time in the midst of the Corona Virus, caring for his beautiful wife, encouraging his children and grandchildren, his siblings and their kids, serving the poor, serving in his parish… always looking to help others….. another wonderful man….always has a smile on his face and a word of encouragement. 
  • At 91, this man is a wonder. His stories are legendary. He has accomplished more in the last 10 years than most of us accomplish in a lifetime. I’m convicted and exhausted listening as he shares his day.  A former Navy man, he shot his age in golf at 84, initiated a major program at his parish, writes and distributes a reflection on the daily Mass readings, runs a  Life In The Spirit Seminars on-line to friends and family, and is a great encourager to all he meets. All of this while fighting and overcoming cancer. It doesn’t hurt that he’s married to a saint for 67 years.
  • Two other great men could not make it today due to health issues… their own and their spouses. One 85 year old brother heroically cares for his wife, homebound with severe dementia. The other has fought thru incredible health issues and is still able to smile and thank God for his wife and family.

I could write page after page on each of these men. I’m so proud and blessed to know them. Even though they are chronologically “old/getting old”, they are young at heart, with energy and hope and joy. They are not complainers, even though they have more than their share of problems.  You leave their presence with a lighter step.  The only thing that could make our meeting better is donuts…so, there’s talk of Krispy Kremes making an appearance next week….”now we’re talking”.

4 thoughts on ““In Case You’re Thinking Of Complaining”

  1. Let us keep encouraging each other to fight the good fight of faith and do our part to fight for life and for our Church with prayer and action🙏


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