“That’s Not Funny”

Originally Posted June 10, 2020

I wonder if God sometimes kicks back, puts his feet up, and just laughs at the people he created. I’m not talking about the sin and sorrow and suffering of the human race.. which is everywhere…I’m talking about the normal “Joe Blow” who goes about his day to day business. People can be very funny. If you try to be funny, you usually aren’t very funny. It’s when you’re just living your life and do something that’s funny…maybe you don’t even notice it. Let me use an example of someone I know pretty well…..ME. This is somewhat personal, so please don’t share this with anyone. (thank goodness no one reads these BLOGS). 

Anyway, I used to think that one of the jobs that God gave to me was to “annoy” my wife….not for the sake of annoying her, but to get her to laugh at the end of a long day. I had several excellent ways of doing this. One way was that I would get into bed first and take all the pillows and put them on my side, so I would have 4 and she would have none….my thinking was that she would “plonk” down on the bed, realize what had happened, think it was funny, have a good laugh, maybe tweak my nose and overall relax and get a good night’s sleep. Well, her head did plonk down on the bed, but she would not move, staring at the ceiling, not a word…hmmmm, this is not working…eventually, I’d return her two pillows and that was that. Well, being a genius, I’d try it again a few days later…same result…maybe a week later…same result… hmmmmmmmm. Eventually, I’d ask…. “boy, that’s pretty funny….that pillow thing…pretty funny huh….silence. Well, it took me many years to actually realize that while I thought that was a brilliant idea, my wife didn’t. 

Well, as God looks at this particular situation, what does he think? There could be two fundamentally different responses.

  • One.  God “rolls his eyes” and says I can’t believe this is happening…boy oh boy, that poor woman…she’s “going straight up”, and woooooah, where did he come from? Oh don’t you remember, he’s one of the Touhill boys…hmmm.
  • Two. Or possibly God says “that’s a really good one Dave…you need to work on your delivery, but overall very good….keep it up young man

Well, we could take a vote about option one or two, but I don’t think we need to do that. For those ready to “send me away to a monastery”, you can rest easy…I haven’t used the “Pillow Approach” for many years. I tried a few other approaches with similar results, so I can say that at almost 74 years of age, I’ve matured quite nicely and don’t use those childish gimmicks any longer. Sure I have a “Song & Dance dance routine, a library of my best jokes, “Lightening Man to The Rescue” (to the tune of Mighty Mouse) when we’re late for an event and I’m not ready, but certainly nothing childish. 

You may be wondering if there’s any point to this particular BLOG, and I can say very honestly,  “I’m Not Sure.” But one possible point you may want to consider is this…. while we should always take God and his ways very seriously, we shouldn’t always take ourself too seriously. Let’s enjoy the life God has given us. Let’s take time to laugh and we may hear God laughing with us. 

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