“Time To Take A Little Break”

This was a very nice Sunday.. up a little later, fresh coffee and some prayer and then off to Mass. Coming home we had our normal Sunday brunch of poached eggs, bacon, fruit…a little more coffee. I love Sunday brunch. We then took a nice walk, bundled up against the windy day. Arriving home I was getting ready to relax and take a little break. 

“My Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Well surprise, surprise, I was asked to do a little extra duty. In the words of my mother, “there’s no rest for the weary”.  Believe it or not, my wife Judy asked me to make some chocolate chip cookies. I’m actually not known for making homemade cookies…I’m known for eating them. Well, the recipe was laid out for me and even the ingredients…but the rest was in my lap. As you can imagine the pressure was pretty high…. the measuring, the mixing, the studying of the recipe, into the oven, out of the oven…pretty involved and detailed work. 

It brought me back to some of my old organic chemistry lab experiments. Talk about the “wild west”, we had some pretty crazy people in those labs. Working with volatile chemicals and delicate glassware, there was always something happening …. Often someone started a fire. (I used to go to confession before every lab) Once the fire began, you would always have “John Wayne”  rushing to the scene with a fire extinguisher to save the day … holding the fire extinguisher about an inch from the experiment, “John” would let loose and blow all the glassware across the room, sometimes even putting out the fire.  

Well, we had no accidents with the cookies today and they tasted pretty good. A special shout out to my assistant who gave me time to relax after the cookies were almost completed.

So, is there a moral to this BLOG…any lesson to be learned? Well, I guess the Lord knows that we all need a break and he gave us the Lord’s Day to rest…to refresh ourselves and get ready for the next week. Today was a pretty restful day even with making those special cookies. 

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