“Things Will Get Better”

I really enjoy watching our grandchildren…they are all wonderful… from the youngest to the oldest. Part of the joy is that I can enjoy them and not have to worry about all their many needs. I’m happy to say that after changing about a million diapers back in the day with our 10 kids, I have only changed  2 of my grandchildren’s diapers. (Somehow I got trapped into changing those 2 diapers… but that’s another story.) 


The little ones are very delightful. The other day, Judy was watching 2 of the little boys…Teddy & Nolan…they were having a ball on the swing, when we realized that we had lost track of time and needed to quickly get them home. We tossed them in the back of the car, strapped them in, and I took off for Nolan’s house. In their mind they were off for another adventure…sitting in the back seat, next to their wonderful friend…. what’s coming next. Well, in a couple of seconds, I stopped at his house, his mom came out and took him out and I pulled away. Well…. I’m telling you, the anguish on his face and the cry of bitter disappointment was overwhelming. The “poor guy” was overwhelmed with grief…. kicked to the curb…off to a great adventure and then pulled away at the last minute. It was almost too much. Finally his mom consoled him and he was off to another adventure. 

It kind of reminded me of how we must look to the Lord at times…. we experience real disappointment … anguish and tears…yet God is with us and knows that it’s not the end of the world and that there is joy and hope and peace and adventures ahead. 

As we all experience our share of “agony”, be reminded that if we stay close to the Lord, it will end in “ecstasy”.  If we can trust the Lord as little Nolan trusted his mom, then “all will be well with our soul”, and exciting adventures are just around the corner.

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