“All Will Be Well With My Soul”

If I’m dying of thirst in the desert, I’m not too worried that my boss may not give me my next promotion…. just give me some water….please, some water !!!

My basic physiological needs, like food and water and air, usually “trump” my other needs. I remember hearing about  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” back in school a hundred years ago… it states that “five categories of  human needs dictate an individual’s behavior… first my physiological needs, then my safety needs, etc., etc.” While there’s definitely some truth in the theory, it has some flaws. 

When Christ captures our heart, he motivates us with Christian love which allows us to put others first even at a cost to our self. This can mix up Maslow’s hierarchy.

Dave, what is the point of this BLOG today? Well, bear with me a moment…listen…

It’s vital that we keep our priorities straight…first things first. God must come first, then our family (wife and children …), then friends, community, job. While situations can cause us to temporarily mix up our priorities (eg. a crisis at work, might cause me to temporarily be away from my family…), we must always keep God first. Are you with me? Hold on, I’m getting to the point.

Today, the tendency is be to be glued to the TV as we try to sort out this important presidential election. I’m a bit anxious about how this is all going to work out… I’m concerned about our nation. However, it’s really important that I keep God first… that I pray… that I be reminded  that while important, this is not the most important thing in my life. My life with Christ is most important….my life that truly begins when I breath my last. I need to make sure that my actions today support my life to come. 

So, while it’s pretty normal and okay to be concerned for our country and to pay attention to what’s going on, I need to do all of that in the context of prayer…trusting that the Lord is helping us and will be helping us. Who knows what’s coming in the future. I love our country and pray for it every day, …. but only God knows what’s in store for us. 

So, by the time you read this BLOG, things may be a lot clearer than they are as I write this at 12:22pm on November 4, 2020, but regardless the Lord is with us and will help us…and if we trust in the Lord, all will be well with our souls. 

3 thoughts on ““All Will Be Well With My Soul”

  1. I agree with Tim G. I love reading your daily blog and am encouraged to always keep focused on what is best for my soul. I find myself, my heart responses, in your examples. Don’t stop.


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