“Prayer Works”

Originally posted on May 22, 2020

My mind is racing all over the place. Thoughts range from Covid-19 (Woo Hoo, the governor just increased acceptable outdoor gathering number to 25), to plans for the Memorial day weekend (I have none), to not playing golf (my son-in-law just left to play), to 50 other things that keep popping in and and out of my mind. If I took an EEG test now, I think the machine would blow up. (Note: For you non-doctors, ” An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity in the brain). I’ve actually had a number of those in my past …when they wire you up, you look like the “Bride of Frankenstein”. Nevertheless, as you can now tell without the help of an EEG, my mind is racing. What to do about it?

Okay, I’m now going to demonstrate the power of prayer. “Lord, please help me to calm down. Please help me to be at peace. Help me to do the things you want me to do right now. Thank you Lord.” 

Well, truthfully I’m actually feeling more peaceful. Prayer really does work. We know that there are many ways to pray, including the prayer that Jesus taught us…”The Our Father”. In essence, prayer is having a conversation with God. telling him how you are doing…asking him to help you…listening to him. His words always bring peace. We can pray at any time and in anyplace. It’s good to pray always. When your heart skips a beat, we almost spontaneously say “Lord help me”. When we see a beautiful sunset, it’s good to pray, “Wow Lord, that is beautiful”. When your parents or your spouse does something nice for you, it’s good to pray “Lord, thank you for my parents or thank you for my spouse, or thank you for my good friend”. If I’m healthy, it’s good to say “thank you Lord for my health…if I’m sick, it’s good to pray , Lord please heal me and help me to feel better”. Asking the Lord to forgive my sins is a wonderful prayer that brings peace and hope and joy and confidence. 

Let the Holy Spirit tell you how to pray. The Holy Spirit is called the counselor, the advocate. He is on our side and he will help us. He’s God, so he knows everything and his advice is always perfect. We just need to listen. 

Well, my mind is not racing all over the place anymore. This BLOG was actually an honest prayer to regain my peace ….. and it worked. I probably will need to keep praying, but that’s a good thing. Come Holy Spirit.

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