“What’s Your Name?”

In yesterday’s BLOG I mentioned that one of the promises God makes to those in heaven is that “he will give each of them a new name which no one knows”. (Rev.2:17) Names are very important. Even on earth it seems that people live up to their name…at least to some degree. 

I first remember reading the books of Samuel in the Old Testament some 40 plus years ago. I was intrigued by the story of “David and Jonathan”.. the story was captivating…. I couldn’t stop reading. I was struck by the great friendship they had… it has stayed with me to this day. Not too long after that we had our first son and named him Jonathan David…”beloved gift of God”. He is living up to his name. 

Our second son was named Peter William… Peter after St. Peter and William after a good friend who died the day after Pete was born.…. Peter William…” the rock who protects”. Pete is living up to his name. 

Happy birthday to our third son, David Michael. His name means “beloved defender”. He is living up to his name. He was named after me. I’m not sure why my parents named me David Michael, although I recently found out that my father’s uncle was named David…he died in 1894 at age 17. Regardless David from the Old Testament, who Jesus said was a man after God’s own heart, and St. Michael the Archangel, are “pretty good” to be named after.

So, where are we going with this BLOG ? Well first of all, names are important and secondly, we’re going to get a new name in heaven which no one knows. I’m not sure exactly what this means…maybe it means what it says…”we’ll have a new name that no one knows”. You have to admit, it’s pretty fascinating. Will we need nametags in heaven? Will you walk over to your good friend and say, “hey Steve, great to see you here….he responds, “my name’s not Steve”….wooooooo. Regardless, if it’s happening in heaven, it’s going to be very good.

And by the way, my wife and 7 daughters also have beautiful names with great meanings, but I’ll save that for another BLOG.

6 thoughts on ““What’s Your Name?”

  1. Your new name will be the “just man” which means guided by truth and what is right. No meter how difficult the task,, you are guided to do what is right and you do it well dear husband, father, and friend❤️


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