“My First Covid Test”

After fighting a cold for a few days with my cough suddenly getting worse, I went for my first Covid test. When I arrived at the MediMerge, I was a bit taken back by the crowd. I signed up, giving them my cell phone number, and waited in my car. After about an hour I went to ask how much longer it would be. They said probably another 2 hours or so. Eventually they called my name, and I got into the line to go inside. 

In this line for another 45 minutes, I was next to a man named Bill. Bill was probably 40 or so, a teacher who now helps kids with disabilities  get the appropriate care. He was a really good guy. During that time we spoke about many things, from our theories about Covid, to our jobs, sports, to family, on and on. He is Catholic, originally from New England…a Redsox fan, but also a Giants fan. He had taken his kids to Fenway Park in Boston and I told him about going to Busch Stadium last summer with two of my sons and two grandsons. I mentioned one of my greatest accomplishments in life was that my sons and their sons were Cardinal fans. We eventually got to the fact that we had 10 kids and 40 grandkids…he was really amazed and said I had an amazing life. I really enjoyed talking with Bill and the time flew by. When we got to the desk, he let me go ahead of him because I had mentioned that I was trying to get back so Judy could get to a wedding. 

We left and said good luck and God bless. I wish I had gotten his phone number. He was a really good guy and we hit it off. I really hope I’ll see him again somewhere, or better yet that I see him in heaven and we can remember that day at the Medimerge.

Gee, what is the moral of the story? I guess it’s that every day, every moment has an adventure waiting. There can be people we meet on the street, at the store, even at the Medimerge that are great people and who are a blessing to meet…and hopefully we can be a blessing to them.

Oh yes a few hours later, I received a call from the Medimerge saying my Covid test was negative, and today I’m starting to feel better. Thank you Lord for healing, for the medical profession, and for meeting my friend Bill. May the Lord take care of my friend Bill.

2 thoughts on ““My First Covid Test”

  1. Great news on the negative COVID but I really don’t understand the 2 hour wait… I bet he’s thinking the same thing, “Why didn’t I get that awesome guy’s phone number.”


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