“The Time We Have Left”

I enjoy history, especially the history of great figures who played major roles in major events…. Eisenhower, Marshall, Truman, Churchill, our founding fathers, great scientists, and of course great saints like Pope John Paul II.  The biography often ends with the funeral of the great figure. Gathered at the funeral are family members, friends, and some of those who served with him thru tumultuous times. As I read and look at the photos of their funerals, I think  “wow, he’s gone and they’re still here”….how can they go on.”  Yet, I realize that in a few short years, those mourning his death, standing at the gravesite, will also pass. Their time is coming.

Today is the funeral of a good friend and a wonderful man. We are the ones standing at the gravesite, but it’s pretty clear before long we’ll be mourning other good friends, other good men and women… and then in the maybe not too distant future, it will be our turn. 

Our friend has finished his race and is with God. What will I do with the time I have left… how will I prepare for when it’s my time to meet God. Will I use my time well…. will I serve the Lord with the time I have left? The life of Walt Quense challenges each of us to serve the Lord with the time we have left… to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and our neighbor as ourself. We can do it…. let’s help one another live for God. I’m confident that Walt is praying for us.

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