“The New Normal – Always Changing ”

I’ve been thinking recently of how we have moments in our life that seem like they are never going to end …. they are the “normal for the future”… the way things are going to be forever, or at least for a long time. We enjoy these times but assume there’s plenty more to come. 

And then life changes and those times pass…. maybe not to return. 

The moral of the story is to savor the times we have when they happen, for they may not last.  I can think of many periods of my life that seemed like they were always going to be there. My mother moved into our home in 1992 and it seemed that she would be with us “forever”…but all of a sudden it was 4 years later and she had passed away. We’ve had many wonderful relationships with friends from around the country and even the world. For a significant time we would see them on a regular basis at our home and other places… it seemed that this was always going to be the way it was. This was the new normal that would remain. But all of a sudden, things change…jobs, sickness, aging, life, death… and you don’t see them much any longer….maybe not at all…. and I miss them. 

We see this happen even with our own kids. At one point all the kids are at home…”semi- organized chaos”… school, holidays, vacations, graduations,… then marriages and grandbabies… celebrations and anniversaries… grandchildren getting older, graduations, etc. We just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary… no, actually our daughter Suzanne just celebrated her 25th anniversary and we celebrated our 50th anniversary. (now 51) 

I don’t think there’s any “new ground” being broken with these thoughts, but they do seem to sneak up on you. The “normal on-going life” gradually becomes part of your past, part of your history, part of what makes you “who you are”. 

Okay, this is getting a bit too serious, too reflective, maybe even a bit melancholy….so what’s the point of all this?  I’ll tell you what the point is…the point is to “celebrate the Lord’s goodness everyday.”Thank the Lord everyday for all the blessings received, for all the amazing people that are in your life right now….tell them how wonderful they are…tell your spouse, your kids and grandkids, your brothers and sisters and parents and friends and acquaintances. Thank them for the kindnesses they have shown you. Most of all thank God for your salvation in Jesus Christ. Because he paid a great price on the cross for you and me, we have an opportunity to experience the joy and peace of his love on this earth and life on high in heaven after this earthly life comes to a close.  And our hope is that all the wonderful people we have known over the years will be with us in heaven where the new normal will never end….. where we will never run out of time….. and where every new day is better than the one before. Wow !!! 

So, let’s stay close to our Lord. Let’s reaffirm our love and commitment to him, accepting his gracious offer of salvation. Let’s not “dilly dally” in serving him. As we continue to affirm Jesus as Lord … he will take care of everything else, including the “new eternal normal”. And that is really good news.

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