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Originally posted on May 10, 2020

It’s Halftime, “What’s The Score”

Halftime is an important time in a football game. The teams have played half the game; they’ve done some things well and some things poorly. The score may be close, or it might be a ”blowout”. 

Well, it seems like we’re about at halftime in our battle against the CoronaVirus. It may look like we’re losing..… people sick and some dying, economy shutdown, offices closed, restaurants closed, parks closed, even churches closed….but let’s take a closer look. 

At halftime, coaches make assessments of how things are really going and then make adjustments that set them up to win the game. You need a good coach to do this. Well the iconic Vince Lombardi is not available, nor is the great Don Shula who just passed away, so we’re going with our 3rd choice …yes, I’ve been asked to coach. 

Okay, so I’m the coach and I have a few things to say to you. First are there any questions?

  • Yeah, go ahead Rocky.…..”Hey Coach, why do you get to be the coach…I want to be the coach.… shut up Rocky……… next question.
  • Ok Jumbo… “Hey coach, do I have to wear my mask when I take a shower… Jumbo, when was the last time you took a shower…. 
  • Okay, no more questions…..listen up. It’s time for our team to start putting some more points on the board. 

But first, let me clear something up. The real game I’m referring to is not the fight against the pandemic by the medical field and politicians, I’m talking about the game being played by you and me inside our homes, within our families. What’s the score of that game? Well, from what I hear, we  are crushing Covid 19. I think we are winning by a score of 190 to 19. What I hear is that you are:

  • Praying more…many are hearing mass on the computer, saying the rosary, reading the Bible and other good books, praying for the sick and the dying, mourning those who have died…
  • Serving … many are serving those in your home and outside your home…zooming your family and friends, touching base with the elderly, buying groceries for the homeless, homeschooling the kids, shopping for the elderly, making masks for all kinds of people, comforting the sorrowful and sick, and of course the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers are serving heroically.
  • Starting  new initiatives … some of you are letter writing, starting Life In The Spirit Seminars by e-mail, writing BLOGS, zooming “story hours for grandchildren”, starting new initiatives around the house, conducting wine & cheese & chocolate taste testing on ZOOM, virtual prayer meetings……
  • Working… many are still going to work, doing your jobs at the office or at home, including home schooling.
  • A Lot More …. you’re getting exercise, taking walks, being generous, thinking of others, and taking advantage of more family time.

So, my assessment is that you’re doing GREAT !!! My encouragement is  “keep it up”!!! Keep praying, keep serving, keep up the initiatives. If you are not doing well in a particular area, begin right now. Ask the Lord to help you. You are getting holy. Get ready for the victory parade down the “Canyon of Heroes” …ticker tape, shouting, toasting, and a lot of hugging, and “no social distancing. 

Okay, it’s the start of the 2nd half, let’s get in there and keep fighting until Mr. Covid 19 is beaten.

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