“Making Memories”

You frequently hear the term ….we’re “making memories”…. which describe  pleasant activities with family and friends that are fondly remembered for a long time, even after one’s death. 

Often we  may not appreciate the memories  we are currently making, but as soon as they go out of our life, we often realize their value and importance.

Making Memories

The other night we made good on a birthday and baptism day gift that we gave to three of our 2nd grade grandsons (Joe, Blasé, and Will). The gift was come to  dinner for some of Gramma’s delicious spaghetti and meatballs and then enjoy the movie, The Voyage of The Dawn Treader”( I had been reading it to them on ZOOM for the past weeks) Boy, they were excited and so were we. After the great dinner, the five of us squeezed on the sofa… we brought out the “Mike & Ike” candies and Twizzlers and away we went. There was a lot of chatter… “hey Papa, what’s that writing on the TV (close captions for the deaf) …. Oh Papa, I remember this part…. I hope I don’t get bad dreams from this…. another chimes in with don’t worry Gramma, I don’t even dream…can I have some more candy….” Well, we had a great time. I hope we made some memories that they’ll recall many years from now.

It brought back to me a memory from when all of my family were living together in our 3rd floor apartment in St. Louis after my father died. “ Hey, “Task Force’ with John Wayne is on TV tonight…wow, it’s a great movie. Before you knew it my one brother had a box cake mixed and in the oven, another one popped down to the local store for some ice cream. By the time it was ready, we were all crowded on the sofa with our delicious dessert ready to watch John Wayne take care of the business of WWII. As the youngest kid, it just didn’t get any better than this. In the years to come, this became a key “catch phrase”….” Hey Task Force is on with John Wayne.” (Actually, I just realize that Gary Cooper was the star, not John Wayne…some memory)

By loving one another we can make memories every day…memories that we can call upon in the days to come….memories that our children and grandchildren and friends can call upon in days to come. Hopefully these will be memories of being disciples for Christ… memories of serving and helping others, speaking of the Lord’s goodness and mercy. I have many memories of holy friends and family that still inspire me. They inspire me to keep fighting the good fight of faith…to not give up… to finish strong. Let’s also remember that the key is to live and value each moment and each relationship as a gift from God.

I hope the memory of Reepicheep, the courageous mouse from the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, will encourage my grandsons many, many years from now and remind them that their Papa and Gramma loved them very much and are still praying for them. And that is really good news.

One thought on ““Making Memories”

  1. Perfect blog post for today! You’ve made plenty of memories with the kids in the last 25 years and I’m sure they love an appreciate every one of them. I know I do!


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