“The Good Old Days”

I was talking with my newest son-in-law the other day and it became clear that we are both a bit nostalgic. We just got rid of our living room couch which accompanied us thru raising 10 kids; it had originally belonged to Judy’s family. Wow, memories started to flood back…. maybe we should keep the ole couch… are we sure the kids don’t want it…let’s keep it in the family…. 

Back in the day, quiz shows on TV were a lot simpler. You didn’t need a 20 minute explanation to know what was going on. Debuting in 1952 one of my favorite shows was “Name That Tune” …. it was really exciting. You had two contestants who stood back at a starting line, a tune would be played.. as soon as you recognized the name, you raced up and rang a bell… the right answer got some points and won a few bucks. Pretty neat. 

In honor of that show, I’d like to start my own show called “Name The Person… Who Said This”.

Here’s how it works. I state a certain familiar phrase and you tell me what famous person said it. Also, I will use the appropriate accent to make it more authentic and easy to identify. Okay? Let’s begin. This is very exciting! Ready?

In my best Texas accent, “I shalllll not seek, and I will nooott accept, the nom-ination of myyyy party for another term as your president.”

 ( Hmmmm, who could that be???)

  •  In my best clipped accent, You won’t have me to kick around anymore, because gentlemen, this is my last press conference.”

( Hmmmmm, sounds familiar, but I’m not sure.)

  • In my best Texas accent, “Alllllright pilgrim, weeerre burninnn daylight”

 (You certainly know that one…a clue , he died 41 years ago.)

  • In a very scary accent, “Looooook into myyyy eyeeesss”

(Hint: This guy was very scary.)

  • In a southern accent, “ Luuuke, whaaaat we have here, is a failuuure to comunkate”

( No hint needed…this is a slam dunk)

  • Extra Credit:  In a business like accent, “Houston We Had A Problem”

Okay, I’m going to list the answers mixed up and see if you can figure this out. Ready ?

  1. Warden in “Cool Hand Luke”
  2. John Wayne in cowboy movie
  3. LBJ in 1968 (Lyndon Johnson)
  4. Bella Lugosi in the movie “Dracula”
  5. Richard Nixon in 1962
  6. Jim Lovell – Apollo 13 Moon Flight 

The right answers will be listed in a future BLOG…if I remember.

I know you’re wondering if there is a spiritual insight hidden in this particular BLOG. Well while I think it can be fun to reminisce a bit about the past and remember the “good ole days”, we need to always remember our best days are ahead. Christ is with us today, and heaven awaits us … it’s going to be great. I love the quote from the “Chronicles of Narnia -The Last Battle” as Lewis describes life in the ultimate Narnia (heaven)  “a place in which every chapter is better than the one before.” Heaven , our future home, where every next moment will be better than the one before. That is good news.

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