“The Take A Breath Moment”

I actually know next to nothing about swimming. While I can swim and won’t drown if tossed into a pool, I tend to thrash more than glide. I’m usually exhausted after swimming 10 feet. The other thing that always bothered me about swimming is that I have trouble floating… after a few seconds I tend to sink. My wife Judy is a great floater…she can float forever. I’ll admit that I kind of thought that something was wrong with me…everyone knows how to float. Well, I learned something the other day that really buoyed my spirits. I learned that:

“Muscles are generally more dense than water and cause us to sink. Fat is less dense than water, partly because it contains oil, which floats on water. … Those of us with a higher fat to muscle ratio will tend to float. Yes that’s right, fat people float better than muscular people – generally speaking.”

Gosh, the reason I can’t float is that I’m so muscular. Makes sense to me. Now I’m not trying to imply that those who can float are fat. This sounds like it could end up in an argument and the Lord knows we seem to disagree and argue about too many things today. So, I’m not even going to bring this topic up with my wife. I’ve actually learned a few things in our 50 years of marriage.

As long as I’m giving a lecture on “swimming”, let me add one more point. When I lift my head up to take a breath, I look around quickly, to see where I’m going… am I going straight, am I getting ready to bump into the wall, am I going to bang into someone, etc.  It’s a chance to pause and take stock of things. I call it the “take a breath moment”. 

In an analogous way, I’m raising my head and “taking a BLOG Breath Moment”. I need to decide how often to do the BLOG. In discussion with the Board of Directors of MY BLOG and other advisors, some have said 3 days per week, others say every day. One “former” director said zero days…. hmmmm.  Feel free to add your comments  regarding the frequency of the BLOG. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings. As Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32) 

9 thoughts on ““The Take A Breath Moment”

  1. I read this everyday and look forward to it. A daily re-centering and a legacy. But I’m for doing things as the Spirit leads.


  2. You give perspective and wisdom to life with a light heart. We all need that. Week days sound good to me as there’s more family time in weekends and less digital. Thank you for the time you take to share your great mind with us❤️🙌🏻🎁


  3. My vote is every day if you’re able but 3x a week is ok is that’s what you can manage. I give it an A+ for content and storytelling. Take a breath and get back in the water! PS / I think I sink too now that I think about it…


  4. As far as reading your blog it is refreshing each day. It gives a left to the day right at the start so I selfishly would be in favor of the daily blog. With that said whatever you are able to produce is gratefully consumed. Hopefully at least 3 days a week

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  5. I love it!! Thanks Dave! Three days a week might be more achievable and keep stress minimized. Peace, Gary


  6. I like Mom’s idea..rest on weekends! I too look forward to reading it each morning! Love you, Dad! Whatever you decide is best xo


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