Delusions of Grandeur ???

I had dozed off and was half asleep and half awake. I had this dream of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine having a discussion about a particularly difficult theological situation….

“Tom, this is really a tough one. I agree Augie. I know we both have a lot of wisdom, but I don’t know about this situation. I think we’re going to need to kick this up a notch. Yes, let’s consult Dave’s BLOG; he’ll know how to handle this.” I was somewhat surprised when my phone ring and I heard a voice “Please hold for St. Thomas Aquinas”.  Then I heard another voice…. It wasn’t St. Thomas, it was Judy saying “would you mind taking out the garbage.

Uuuhhh, sure. I’d be happy to do that. Rubbing my eyes, I thought boy that was a crazy dream…wow, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine checking out my BLOG for wisdom. Hmmmm, maybe it wasn’t a dream. Wait a minute, ….  am I having “Delusions of Grandeur”???

Delusion is not knowing right from wrong… not believing in reality. In 2 Thessalonians it says “because they refused to love the truth and so be saved, God sent upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false, (2 Thes. 2:11) It seems there are many ways in which our world today has fallen into delusion. Often we see the basics of God’s word….the moral law, common sense, church teaching, and hundreds of years of societal norms … being “kicked to the curb”…. , eg. killing of the unborn, infanticide, changing the definition of marriage, etc.,etc.  Wow, only a few years ago, these weren’t even issues. The answers were obvious. Is the world falling into delusion?

Scripture says that when we refuse to love the truth and reject the truth, we face the danger of being deluded. This can happen in big ways as noted above and in small ways that can happen to any of us. How we confront sin can be a real battleground for this. Scripture tells us that we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. When we sin, we need to admit the sin, confess our sin and ask for God’s forgiveness. Delusion can happen when we don’t call “sin a sin”… when we reject the truth of God’s word about sin.  So, let us embrace God’s truth in all areas which will set us free and keep us from delusion.

P.S. I made that up about the conversation with Aquinas and Augustine.

2 thoughts on “Delusions of Grandeur ???

  1. This should be required reading once a quarter as a check on ourselves and our conclusion we rely on. Thank you. One of the best yet!


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