Save Me Lord

This is only my 3rd blog and already I’m struggling with a bit of writer’s block… Snoopy gives me hope. Actually I have a million ideas floating thru my head, but what does the Lord want me to share. I have often been intrigued with the distinction between the “logos”  and the “rhema” (The logos is the general word of God or his general will on a matter while a rhema is the word the Holy Spirit quickens to a specific person for a specific situation.) So what is the rhema for today; what’s God’s word for you and me, for today? Hmmm, I feel the writer’s block creeping in again… I need to trust. Let me turn to Mother Teresa for help.

“ Trust is of especial value when we find ourselves in the midst of one of life’s storms. Again, the object of our trust is not the absence of any storms. God does not promise to save us from the storms, but he does promise to save us in the storms.” (Mother Teresa, “Growing In Trust”) So, how is the Lord saving you and me in the midst of this present storm. He definitely is; we just need to discover how he’s doing it  and embrace it.

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