“I Can See”

Originally Posted Oct. 22, 2023

I was a senior in high school and all my teachers had begun to write in very small letters. In fact pictures and posters in the room had all reduced in size. I was convinced that it was the work of creatures from Mars. 

Yes, I had seen most of the great movies of the ‘50’s … “War of the World, Destination Moon, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, along with other classics like “The Fly, and The Thing”. I’m not kidding when I say these were pretty compelling and scary movies. So it wasn’t some wild guess that there was funny business going on in my class rooms at Chaminade Prep in St. Louis. In truth some thought that a few of the religious brothers who taught us were from another planet. Hmmmmmmm. 

Well my “monster theory” went down the drain when my mother forced me to get glasses even though I saw perfectly well. I got my new glasses, classic Clark Kent Superman glasses, and snuck them into my class. I finally decided to put them on and WALLA….HOLY COW… WOW…..look at that, the clarity, the letters grew in size, everything came alive. It was really something….. I could see.

Well, fast forward from 1963 to 2021, and after some 58 years of wearing glasses, and I had a repeat of that moment in high school. Yes you guessed it, I just had cataract surgery. My “classic dirty and cloudy lenses ” were replaced with  brand spanking new clear lenses. “Wow, Eureka,  Hubba Bubba”…. I can see. With my new lens which also correct my large astigmatism, my vision is about 20-20.  I was 20-400. So while I have to be careful during the healing process over the next few weeks, things are looking good. (I will still need reading glasses.)

So, is there a point to this BLOG ….. well nothing too deep. I do know that in 1963 I really didn’t want to get glasses and be called “4 eyes” and have all the girls think I was a dork. I would have been thrilled to get eye surgery and not wear glasses. But now that’s no longer the issue. Although Judy says I look more handsome, my daughter said I look weird…so that’s not much of an incentive. I’m just happy to see better. So the point of the BLOG is gratitude…..thank you Lord for helping me see better, to even drive at night…life is better when you can see. 

But what I really hope is that I get the cataracts removed from my soul so I can see Christ more clearly, so that his word becomes clearer and I’m more compelled to do his will….. to “see and obey”. 

3 thoughts on ““I Can See”

  1. You are more handsome than the day I married you as your heart has grown more handsome. I am so grateful for the many ways you do see and obey♥️🎁⚓️🤩👏👏👏


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