“God’s Will…the Giant Bulldozer”

“Ultimately we turn to Christ not because he has NICE things to reveal, but because he has TRUE things to reveal. For only the TRUTH has grace, and only grace saves.” (Fr. Gregory Pine, 2023 Magnificat Lenten Companion, 2-28-23)

Today we can hear “oh that person is so nice and he speaks so well, and he’s got a nice sense of humor… and I really like the message…. but gee I don’t like that other person and the way he speaks and his message is hard to receive.” The truth is often hard to hear….. “ Joe, you failed the exam and you won’t graduate….. Mable, the MRI shows you have cancer…. Chuck, we’re going to cut you from the team.” When the truth is difficult to swallow, I’d rather hear something else, even if it’s not true. You may remember the classic line from the movie A Few Good Men, when the tough Marine Colonel Nathan Jessup shouts, “Son, you can’t handle the truth”. To be honest sometimes we don’t handle the truth, and try to deflect it away.  

“False prophets” may buy you a few days or years of living in a nice make believe world, but that world will eventually come crashing down, and the results will not be pretty, in truth the results may be eternally devastating. The only thing we can place our trust in is God’s word. God’s word, whether we like it or not, will prevail in the end. Isaiah reminds us that “ My (God’s) word that goes forth from my mouth shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it.” (Is. 55:10-11)  God’s word ( God’s will, the truth) and obedience to it is the bottom line. Jesus’ unfailing fidelity to the Father’s will is the best example of how vital this is to joy and happiness, and life. We must have that same “unfailing fidelity”.

All this should boost our confidence. As we align our lives with God’s holy will, all will be well. We can have confidence that his will, which culminates with eternal joy and happiness, will come to pass. I remember Bob Mumford, a captivating charismatic preacher from years ago, saying that God’s will is like a giant bulldozer that steadily moves forward and crushes anything in it’s way, and it’s wise to not get in the way of that bulldozer.

Evil is doomed … lies and sorrow and suffering and sin and death are coming to an end. We don’t have to fret over the seeming victory of evil in our poor world today. God’s word shall not return void, but shall do His will, achieving the end for which He sent it.” (Is. 55:10-11) And that is very good news.

One thought on ““God’s Will…the Giant Bulldozer”

  1. Holy Spirit lead us into the Father’s Will today and help us desire obedience to His will. We continue to pray for all Christians to a light to those around them and not get in the way of God’s work🙏


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