“We All Must Choose”

Life is funny. Sometimes it seems like we have things under control…. health is good, just got a raise, have money in the bank, kids are doing well, the Giants are showing signs of hope. If we can just freeze these moments then life is very good. Other times it can seem like we’re circling the drain… everywhere I look it’s a disaster happening or waiting to happen. Yet regardless of how things are going, things will change and ultimately we’re headed for the “last roundup”. If I have a billion dollars, 5 mansions all over the world, am the toast of the town, the president of the world….. it’s still all passing away. 

I quoted St. Peter Damian the other day who remarked, “Where now are the world’s many powerful men, the many invincible kings who were seen exalted to high heaven, having under the dominion of their power almost the whole expanse of earth? If you should examine their graves, would you not find that their entire body, before which the world was forced to tremble, scarcely weighs a single pound? (Dave’s BLOG, Feb. 22,2023) 

Like it or not, each one of us has to make a declaration on what happens when we pass from this  world…. when we die. We need to make our choice or the choice will be made for us. For each of us the day is coming when each of our bodies weighs about a pound…. then what. “Oh Dave, I don’t like to talk about that…that makes me uncomfortable…” Well I have to say it makes me a bit uncomfortable, but you can’t avoid the fact that no one gets out of this world alive. We’ve buried a number of very good friends over the past two years; they are dead. They had put their lot with the Lord. They had placed their hope in Christ. They had decided to follow Jesus. Well, how did it work out for them. I have to say my faith tells me it worked out great. I believe they are with the Lord in heaven.

So what about you and me? What are we declaring about life after death? We get to choose our answer; we get to put our money where our mouth is. Is it Door #1, Door #2, or Door #3 ? If we’re not confident of our choice, it’s time to do some research. It’s time to check out the options. It’s time to schedule interviews with the proponents of the various options. A lot is riding on our choice…eternity is riding on it. 

I’ve heard it said that people seem to do more research on the next car they’re going to buy, then on where they’re going to spend eternity. If true, that’s not very smart. Study and interview the proponent of the philosophy behind Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3. 

Let me give you the benefit of my research. I’ve spent the last 50 years studying the claims of Jesus Christ. I’ve been tested in these beliefs and found them trustworthy; my faith has gotten stronger over the years. Are their still unanswered questions, do I have all the answers ….. NO, but my belief in the Lord Jesus has grown stronger and I believe he is trustworthy and that he does have all the answers. So, I’ve made my declaration. I’m choosing the Lord as my hope and salvation. In him I have placed my trust. In a few years, I’ll find out if my decision was the right one. I believe it is.

So each of us has to make that declaration…we can’t punt. Who are we choosing to be there when we close our eyes for the last time? Now is the day of salvation. Now is the time to study and pray and make our choice. I recommend you choose Jesus… the Good News.

2 thoughts on ““We All Must Choose”

  1. Our faith tells us this is true. May we stand on that truth and pray for the gift of faith for all we meet. One of the visionaries of Kibeho revealed that Mary, holding the body of her dead son, prayed that all mankind would get to heaven♥️ we join in that prayer🙏


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