“Be Careful of Headlines”

Have you heard of Yellow Journalism…. “ it refers to sensationalistic or biased stories that newspapers present as objective truth. Established late 19th-century journalists coined the term to belittle the unconventional techniques of their rivals.” Hmmmmmmm, sounds very familiar; I guess today it’s called fake news

Headlines are meant to grab your attention… causing you to read the rest of the article. If you’re just scanning articles, the headline may be all you read or remember. Yet they are often, at best, misleading.

Words and headlines and slogans and articles can be powerful ……. influencing how people think. Advertising agencies are always looking for catchy brands or slogans or acronyms that can carry their message. Some of these really carry a punch. Who doesn’t want to have choices …who is not “pro choice”….. except when it’s a matter of choosing to end the life of a child in the womb.”  

Some of you probably know the name Tony Dungy… Hall of Fame NFL coach, announcer, and one of the most respected men in the NFL. Tony attended the Right To Life March in Washington, D.C. today. He has been a great example and friend of the Black Community …. helping many young men, black and white, beyond the lines of the football field. Several of today’s headlines led with, “Tony Dungy is a right wing zealot….. extremist, bigot… he puts transgender kids at risk…. the NFL is saddened because he’s attending the “Right To Life March” in D.C.”  The articles connected to these headlines called  for Dungy to be fired from his announcing job. Wow, what can you say to those headlines…. well, there’s a lot to say.

This coordinated attack on any person of note standing up for Christian values is pretty standard fare. It’s not a surprise that Dungy is getting smeared, in spite of his many years of generous service. I do pray for all our leaders in various walks of life who have the courage to stand up for what is right. May God give them courage to withstand the “mud” that is slung at them. Certainly our Lord knows about this kind of slander and worse. 

So, let’s be discerning of headlines and slogans and articles that act as though they have the truth and the “high ground” on a topic…. some do and many don’t. And may we guard our own words and be vigilant in what we say. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Ultimately the truth will stand as the lies fade like the morning mist. Let’s pray that the truth will prevail in the near time as it certainly will in the long term. And may all who put their life on the line to defend the truth be encouraged and helped to stand strong.

2 thoughts on ““Be Careful of Headlines”

  1. I pray also today for parents who are open to life that they will stand firm to God’s truth and accept his grace to raise children to be holy despite the mud that gets thrown at them🙏


  2. I’ve been praying for him and his wife. It takes a lot of courage – I pray that the evil lies and accusations don’t go near to his heart 🙏🙏


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