“Paying The Price”

Recently we revisited our favorite restaurant in the Amish Country called Dienner’s. It features homemade Pennsylvania Dutch cooking …. rotisserie chicken, buttered noodles, beef’n gravy, mashed potatoes along with freshly steamed vegetables… the buffet selections go on and on and on ..… salads, desserts, pies, etc. It’s so good…and worth the effort to get there. 

Back in the early 1950’s, television was just taking off. I would be up early to turn on our TV which had a beautiful large cabinet about the size of our ’53 Ford, but a pretty tiny TV screen. The first thing to appear was the “Test Pattern” with a high pitched hum. Being a genius, I would sit in front of the TV waiting for my favorite show to come on and listen to the “hummmmmmmmm”. I just couldn’t wait for my favorite show. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this…yes, I was waiting for “The Adventures of Crusader Rabbit”, sponsored by Bunny Bread. After the commercial, the actual show lasted about 3 minutes. But I loved Crusader rabbit… it was my favorite show. It was worth getting up early to watch that great show.

Excuse me Dave, but is there a point to this BLOG…. Dienner’s, Crusader Rabbit, Bunny Bread ???  To answer your question, “yes there is a point, and it’s coming….. ready???” When we fall in love with someone (or even somethings), we are ready to do anything to be with that person or thing; there is no cost too great. We just want to be with them. 

It’s the feast of St. Anthony of Egypt today. “Upon hearing the gospel story of the rich young man, Anthony sold all he had and abandoned a comfortable life for the solitude of the dessert…. becoming the father of monasticism.” His great love enabled him to be a counselor to clergy, monks, the laity, including St. Benedict. He wrote: “My beloved I beseech you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ not to neglect your salvation, that this transitory life may not deprive you of eternal life … or cause you to lose the angelic thrones… be willing to lift up your eyes to heaven, to seek the glory of heaven and the work of all the saints, and to walk in their footsteps.” (Letters of St. Anthony The Great, Magnificat 1-17-23)

Making efforts to enjoy food at Dienner’s and watch Crusader Rabbit  may not be sinful, but we should certainly make far greater efforts in loving and serving the Lord. The former is a fleeting enjoyment, the latter is a permanent and infinite life of joy and happiness. The saints show us the way. 

“ Let us not become sluggish, but be imitators of those who, through faith and patience, are inheriting the promises.” (Hebrews 6:10-20). May we pay any price in following the Lord all the way into heaven. 

2 thoughts on ““Paying The Price”

  1. Thank you Jesus that you keep asking for more and more of our hearts. The prince of this world keeps trying to convince us that other things are more important than giving our best to Jesus. Keep opening our eyes to those distractions and pray for grace to let go of them. St Anthony of the desert pray for us🙏


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