Earning Our Way….Hmmmmm!

Earning our way… pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps… the American way. 

“ The American dream is hard earned, self-made, with sleeves rolled up, pulling oneself up by their bootstraps, etc. There is nothing we cannot accomplish so long as we set our minds to it. These attitudes are easily identified in the grades we earn in school and the salaries we are paid at our jobs. Through self-determination, we create our own luck.” 

I think this is more than just the American way. I think most feel  “it’s up to us” to make things work out right. When we find ourselves in a bind, we believe it’s up to us to fix it. And if we can’t fix it, then it’s not going to get fixed. There’s a lot of problems with this approach… some people are just not able to put the required work in to make things work. And some things are just out of our control… no amount of brains and brawn and hard work will save us …will fix the problem. 

The net-net is that there are many fundamental things in our life that we can’t fix…. no matter how hard we try. This can be a tough revelation as we come to see this. Often health issues can reveal this truth, or problems that our children can’t seem to overcome and we can’t make right for them. Aging is something that the strongest and brightest can’t conquer. I just saw that Franco Harris of Pittsburg Steeler fame passed away at 72 years of age…. a giant of a man, seemingly indestructible. The witty and beautiful and talented and strong find it all dwindling as the years pass. 

Yikes, what an encouraging BLOG… thanks a lot Dave. Well, reality is reality. If we could change it, we would. Yet, these realities force us to turn in another direction, to look for a solution outside of our self. I listened to a beautiful song recently that cried to the Lord, ” I…am desperate for you… and I … am lost without you…” It’s true…. I’m lost without the Lord…I’m desperate for him. It’s true. I just can’t fix so many thing, so many problems, so many sorrows …I can’t fix them. Yet God can !!! God is near by, ready to hear our prayers and to answer them… in his perfect way and perfect timing. Raise your gaze into the heavenlies and see the Lord is coming, coming with peace and joy, and the perfect remedies.

The Lord sent his only begotten son on Christmas morning, born in a stable, poor and cold to save us from all our sins and the effects of sin on the earth. As we celebrate Christmas in a few days, know that Jesus Christ came out of love for us. We are desperate and lost…but that’s why he came. Let’s get ready to celebrate our greatest of fortunes. We don’t have to remain lost in our sins and our tragedies. Christ has come to save us. We have no more reason to fear. It’s going to be okay. Let us drop to our knees and welcomed our great savior who came to tenderly care for us and one day take us home to heaven. The ultimate good news.

2 thoughts on “Earning Our Way….Hmmmmm!

  1. On our knees is the best place to be before Our Lord, to remind us that he is God, the Creator of the whole universe and we’re not. We owe him everything we are and have. When we ignore him, it makes his coming in vain. Come dear Lord Jesus in all hearts this Christmas 🙏


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