Body Blow”

Most of us have received a few “body blows” during our life…. described as “a heavy punch to the body…. a severe disappointment or crushing setback.” They certainly vary in size and intensity, but to be described as a “body blow”, it has to knock you back. Physically it may take your breath away, knock you down, knock you out, cause disorientation…”where am I”. You are helpless when this happens. You need someone to help you, to save you. 

“Non Physical Body Blows” can be even more devastating. Tragedy can cause them. I just heard today of a fine young man who has been serving in college outreach. He had a terrible car accident and is in a medically induced coma… he needs a miracle. To his family and friends, it’s a body blow. It’s hard to get a prayer out of your mouth because all the air has been knocked out of you. Also today, I heard of another tragic body blow to a wonderful family… air has been knocked out them and us. What to do.

In these times, even prayer can seem trite …”I’ll pray for you…. God will take care of it… don’t worry, it will be okay….”. Those most affected by the body blow often can’t hear anything… they just want the pain to go away. “If there is a God, how can this happen… why do bad things happen to good, innocent people, why won’t this pain go away….”.

Sometimes I can wonder why God paid such a horrendous price to save this poor human race, why his coming to earth and his terrible sacrifice on the cross, why did he do it ? Well, I don’t know precisely, but I know it’s wound up in his sorrow and anger and tears as he sees the suffering in this world of the people he loves. He sees the suffering due to sin… he sees the agony of death…and he sees the despair brought on by the devil. And he says, THIS IS COMING TO AN END! 

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.” (John 3:16-17) 

So the Body Blows and their effects are coming to an end. The pain may not go away today, but it will go away. God will have the last word about this sorrow. He “has ended” and “will end” the pain of sin and death and the attacks of the devil. For our part, we need to fall on our knees and lay it all at the feet of our Lord. Lord Jesus, I can’t handle this on my own…please help me. I trust in you to save me and those I love so dearly. As we trust in the mercy and love of our dear Lord, “all will be well with our souls.”

3 thoughts on “Body Blow”

  1. We’ve fallen on our knees many times with many body blows that come with raising a family. We rise with more hope and more courage each time. The devil unleashed legions of devils to beat Jesus but Jesus had grace to complete his mission regardless of the opposition 🙌🏻 please Jesus ask your holy family to surround us for protection from evil🙏


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