God Is At The Helm

I can often find myself pondering the state of our country and the recent decisions and directions that seem to be pushing us over the side of a cliff. I regret these actions; they cause me to fear for the future of our nation. 

I often recall that the health of a democracy depends on the health of the people. If 51%+ are good, then the country can move in a good direction. The people decide what they want for their country…..“we get what we want…we get what we deserve”. We’re all in this same boat and the people decide who’s at the helm, who’s steering the boat…. toward clear water or into an iceberg. Yikes…. no wonder my stomach hurts.

Yet our real future is not dependent on the majority. Majority doesn’t rule in the kingdom of God. Christ rules! Remember the words of Rev. J.D. Liddell: “The kingdom of God is not a democracy. The Lord never seeks reelection. There’s no discussion, no deliberation, no referenda as to which road to take. There’s one right, one wrong. One absolute ruler. (A dictator your mean?) Aye, but a benign, loving dictator.”(ref. Eric Liddell’s father in the movie: Chariots of Fire) 

So, we don’t need to focus on the recent polls to understand what our future holds. In the kingdom of God, you don’t need 51%… you just need one voice… the word that issues from the mouth of God.  And if you want to be with God and this truth, you only need two or three…not 51%. “….for where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Mt. 18:20) 

That is a very consoling thought. Wherever we are gathered with even two or three in the name of our Lord and Savior, He is with us. Lord Jesus help us to gather in your name every day, every moment. Help us to focus on the Holy Trinity, our sovereign God, who is really at the helm of this ship we are on. And with the Lord at the helm, all will be well with our souls. 

And we also continue to pray that our nation turn back to God, so that the great majority will work for the things of God and his ways.  

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