Is My Soul Ready ?

What are some things that need to be in place in order to accomplish an important goal or mission in life? While there are a number of things, let me mention two… “timing and passion”.

Back in 1980, Judy and I were praying about moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to become part of a new Catholic Community. It was a big decision. We prayed and discussed and prayed and discussed… we knew there would be a cost. Over time our “passion” to make the move increased… we became more sure that this was what the Lord had for us. We were poised to go, but the timing was not clear. The housing market was dead with mortgage rates at all time highs. Finally we put our house on the market and actually sold it…but then the buyer backed out. We later sold it again and bought a house in New Jersey at an interest rate of 13.75%… which was actually a good rate at the time. Despite the challenges, we felt the timing had been right. We were “out on the water”. 

Timing is important. When things happen too soon or too late, the desired result often don’t happen. But, when the timing is right, than good things can happen . Fr. Donald Haggerty said, “God can always speak quite directly through events when a soul is ready to hear.” (Magnificat: 10- 31-22) Hmmmmm…ready to hear. He used the example of Mother Teresa observing a man dying on the street of Calcutta, that spurred the launching of her ministry. When the timing is right, things can happen. We are able to recognize key elements  and move to take advantage of them. Often the Lord allows our desire to grow through waiting. He knows that if we’re not ready to move, things won’t work out. Timing is important.

Passion is important. Blessed Francis Van Thuan of Vietnam, said  “I must love with all my spirit, with all my strength, with all my soul, with all of myself. What I do without passion is destined to fail; success depends on the absoluteness of my commitment. To fulfill my mission, I must pray, be prepared, act, collaborate, and observe.” (Blessed Francis Van Thuan  Magnificat: 10-28-22)

Look back over your life and see how timing and passion have impacted your success or failure. I would propose that these two elements, when working right,  have played a major role in all our accomplishments in life. As we face upcoming decisions in our life, let’s ask, “am I passionate about this decision …. is this really important to me… am I willing to pay a price to make this happen… will I keep going, even if I initially fail…? If the answer is no, than I should pause and think and pray some more. When you are ready to say yes, when the soul is ready to hear from God, then  it seems the passion and timing are right and you’re ready to go. 

To finish the story from 1980, the mortgage rates did go down from 13.75%, and this  decision turned out to be one of the most significant decisions of our lives. We are very happy that we had the passion and right timing to “go for it”.  God always gives us the grace to move with his calling. And that is very good news.  

2 thoughts on “Is My Soul Ready ?

  1. Thanks Bird for your courage to move when the Lord called us. His mercy knows no bounds and keeps assisting us along the way. I thank God for the passion to raise holy children and for everyone he gave us and for those in heaven praying for us! Happy All Saints Day🙌🏻🎁💝👫

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