Make Us Love What You Command

A number of things have caught my eye recently. I hope they actually help me to make some changes in my life…perhaps small changes, but hopefully important ones. 

In the Collect of today’s mass, there was one line that hit me… ”make us love what you command”. Hmmmm, sounds simple.  But think about it. If God commands me to do something, large or small, it’s a big deal. Almighty God says to do something, it must be wonderful. I should love it…I should love doing it…I should want to do it fully and well. Sometimes I think of being in heaven and God asking me to get him a cup of coffee, cream and sugar, and maybe a glazed donut. I’m telling you that I would love to do that for the Lord. I would have such a big smile on my face….” here it is Lord, piping hot, the donut is warm…”

Yet how often do I do God’s will as simply a duty. With my monotone voice and droopy eyes, I exclaim, “well I guess I better go have my prayer time now…. I guess I better get to mass, better go check on my gramma who fell in the ditch this morning. Lord, I want to love whatever you call me to do. It’s a privilege to do your will

Today our pastor mentioned that in the past sacristies often had signs reading “offer this mass as if it’s your FIRST mass….. or your LAST mass…. or your ONLY mass”. Wow, what a powerful thought. I should say my next Rosary as if it was my last Rosary, said on my deathbed with my last breath and with great love.  I should serve my wife as if it’s the last time I will be able to serve her on this earth, with great love. Every action directed by the will of God should be done with love. Lord help me to love what you command. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s the love of God that impels us in the first place to do what he commands. Nevertheless I think I need to pay a bit more attention and enjoy doing God’s will. All heaven is watching and cheering us on. “Hey Dave’s going to pray…let’s encourage him…. send a few angels to help him serve his wife or friend…. Dave’s tired and needs some help… let’s put a smile on his face…”

Okay, a couple of final thoughts. We need to actually “do God’s will and love doing it.” So let’s continue to do his will which certainly includes love, but let’s ask the Holy Spirit to help us love even more as we’re doing it. Hopefully that’s not too confusing. I think if we just focus on loving what God calls us to do, we will experience a new zip in our step and a new smile on our face, and maybe a little whistle…. and more joy.  And that would be very good news.

2 thoughts on “Make Us Love What You Command

  1. I am so happy and content when I know I’m doing God’s will🙌🏻😊
    Thank God for the his grace and mercy when we get it right🙌🏻🎁


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