God Answers Our Prayer

A recent BLOG spoke about the need for a Savior to be “powerful and loving”. One without the other will not work out well for us. The readings from today again speak about how our Savior Jesus Christ is both. Thank God.

Psalm 86 speaks of our Loving Savior…..” O Lord, you are good and forgiving, full of love to all who call… save the servant who trusts in you…. have mercy on me Lord for I cry to you all the day long… give joy to your servant, O Lord…. I will praise you Lord my God, with all my heart and glorify your name for ever.” (Ps. 86:1-13) 

Be Patient & Trust

Luke 11 speaks of our Powerful Savior…. when Jesus had driven out a demon by the FINGER of God ….” (Luke 11:15-26) There is no contest about who has the power. Jesus uses the term “finger of God”… the “pinkie of God”… the “blink of the eye”. God is ALMIGHTY. Our savior is ALMIGHTY. As you read thru the scripture you will see myriads of  confirmations of these truths….. God is all powerful and he loves us.

Yet we can get thrown back at times as we wait for the will of God to unfold. Why isn’t God answering my prayer. I asked for a better job, a healing for my friend, an end to the horrors of war… I asked for wise and good leaders for our country….. why isn’t God answering my prayers. Well, in addition to his love and power, God is infinitely wise. In his WISDOM, he has the perfect timing and way to help us. 

This is where TRUST in the Lord is so important. Will I trust God when the “evidence” doesn’t seem to point to his being loving and faithful and answering our prayers? I had a very good friend who had been praying for his children to turn back to the Lord… praying, fasting, sacrificing. This had gone on for years. While he had seen some of them turn back, others had not. My friend had great trust in the Lord; he believed that God had heard his prayers for his children, now middle age. We would talk and he believed that if he did not see the fruit of his prayers on the earth, he would one day see it from heaven. He passed away last year with his trust in the Lord firm that the Lord was about answering his prayers. 

So, we have a part to play in this drama. God has his part of love and power and wisdom. We have our part of trust and patience. It’s an exciting drama… how is God going to complete his work… who will he send to help out. Today is the celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary…. certainly the Blessed Mother is playing her part. The angels are active, as well as the whole Body of Christ…including you and me. Wow, there’s a lot going on. Let’s do our part and patiently watch the Lord pull it all together. 

So if you’ve been praying for someone, a special intention, for a long time…keep praying, keep trusting, keep hoping…. in the perfect time, God will fully answer your prayer. You may see it from earth or from heaven, but regardless, it will be a great moment. The Lord is faithful and hears all our prayers offered that are according to his will, i.e. eternally good for us. Thank you Lord for being our all loving and powerful savior. Wow, this is Good News.

2 thoughts on “God Answers Our Prayer

  1. It seems Our Lord is always asking for an increase of faith and trust in Him. I believe we will need that in heaven, it may even be our ticket. Keep us growing in faith and trust Lord🙏


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