Find A Way To Get It Done…

“The group didn’t check out even though it had been a rough game and we were down 5-1 in the bottom of the 9th … each player fought to get on base…. perhaps the best at bat was O’Neill drawing a walk after being down 0-2 to keep the rally going …” (Oliver Marmol, Manager of the Cardinals)  Wow, what a fun game if you’re a Cardinal fan…. final score 6-5 Cardinals. 

Whether in sports or in life, it’s always a temptation “to check out” when things aren’t going well, when things seem hopeless. You just want to end the pain and move on. Yet the true champions keep “trying to find a way to get it done”. 

Cardinals 6, Nationals 5

We need the example of others who are still fighting…we need their encouragement to “stay in the game”…. “to find a way to get it done”. We just have to do our part. We don’t always have to hit a homerun… drawing a walk may be what we need to do. 

Sports can be an important stage to view perseverance in action…never quitting. The classic line from Roger Staubach, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and a strong Catholic man,  “we never lost a game, we just ran out of time”. Never quit.

There are many clichés that describe this phenomena, but the bottom line is “keep fighting the good fight of faith”…. especially when it’s the darkest. Lord help us to not quit even when we’re down 5-1 in the bottom of the 9th and we’re “out of gas”. Good Friday is the eternal classic moment when the evidence said, “it’s time to check out…it’s not working…it’s over…”. Yet, we know that moment went from the greatest tragedy to the ultimate eternal victory on Easter Sunday. The Lord Jesus found a way to get it done. 

By the grace of God, may we find a way to get it done in our life.  

3 thoughts on “Find A Way To Get It Done…

  1. Lord Jesus, in your infinite love and mercy, grant us all the grace to finish strong so we can all be together in heaven🙏🙌🏻🥰😂


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