“Don’t Settle”

What’s the chances of a 35 year old teacher making it to the Major Leagues ? Jim Morris actually decided to “not settle” as a teacher and give baseball a try. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Rookie” you know that he actually made it. It’s pretty incredible. 

I’m often trying to figure out what’s the next step for me. What does the Lord want from me now. I’m 74, so I’m not going to run off to Africa and start a new community. I’m not going to try out for St. Louis Cardinals, run for President, or start a new career that requires an additional 8 years of education. So what’s next? The temptation is to “just relax and calm down”. Dave, you’ve earned a rest …enjoy your comfort…settle in to your comfort zone.” The problem with that mentality is that the Holy Spirit is always nudging me forward. I’ve often felt the push to “finish strong”. I have a desire to use all my energy to serve the Lord until I “conk out”. The question is how do I do that… what should I do?

Last weekend I went on a “mainly virtual retreat ”, but with the opportunity to attend “Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament”. While at adoration I felt the Lord telling me “Don’t Settle”. Don’t settle for “just doing okay… doing pretty well…doing better than a lot of people…. Don’t settle.”  If you settle, you will be disappointed as you finish your life and realize that God had much more for you to do, but you didn’t do it. Remember the parable of the talents…God was not happy with the man who buried his talent.(Mt. 25:14-30)

I have a “once in a lifetime…no once in eternity” opportunity to sell all for the pearl of great price…. to sell everything and buy the treasure in the field….to give away the things I can’t keep to gain the treasure I can’t lose. God help me to see this and not settle for a C- when I can get an A+.

Okay, so how does this translate into the real world ? What does this specifically mean for me…what am I to do ? Well, I’m not exactly sure, but I know that the Lord will show me…if I keep searching and keep asking. 

I do know that time is limited. I have time to do something great for God, but I can also waste the time on things that are passing away. ( Do I really need to watch all 635 episodes of Gunsmoke with Marshall Mat Dillon?) 

Staying close to the Lord and seeking his will every day is vital. The Lord will show me how to move forward. I know I need to pray every day…I need to serve my wife and family and friends…mainly in small ways. I need to live out my commitment in our community by helping others and gathering to pray and serve. 

So, I’m excited for the next moment with my holy wife to see what God has for us… to “not settle”. And I would encourage each of you, whether 14, 54, or 74, to dive in and “NOT SETTLE”. 

3 thoughts on ““Don’t Settle”

  1. Amen! I am reading the book Mountain Rain about a missionary to inland China, who was inspired by the same message, not to settle, to take the venture of faith!
    Thank you, Dave, for your wisdom and encouragement to give all for Jesus!


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